Thursday, June 09, 2011

My Gait

Today I took the running class that the Health and Wellness Center offers, they touched on shoes, form, workouts, and diet. It was quite interesting, especially when she pointed out that I was wearing a minimalist shoe. (new Bikila LS) We discussed that and barefoot running. After the class was over, we did a foot arch test and a gait analysis. Normal arches and pressure is distributed around my foot very well, there were no major red sections. Once guy looked like he didnt have any toes, but all the pressure was on his heels.

Anyways, lets get to the gait analysis. Everyone there was over striding and heel striking. My mid foot strike looked like a flat foot strike. It was quit interesting. My stride has a 4 degree over stride, which does not even count as over striding. The impressive part was how awesome my calves looked... They were so cut. Wish I could have had the video or the picture. lol.

- Barefoot Dallas

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