Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Running is going fine, last week instead of doing the 4 x 1mile run I decided to do a 10 mile run. It was fantastic. My run pace was 8:33 min /mile. I mean that was amazing and it felt awesome. If I could quicken my pace by 20 seconds and keep it for 26 miles. Boston Qualify would happen on my first marathon.

On another note, I ordered some Luna Sandals :) I cant wait. They should come in on Friday or Saturday! I will post pictures of both them and the VB Ultra which ... I know I said that I was gonna do a little review on them, but I got busy lol.

11 hrs of class, work, marathon training and just other things keeps be busy.However, I love it!

Happy Running :)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Past week

My running has been going so well and injury free. This past week my runs have gone well, but the Tropical Storm Lee kinda stopped me from doing 15 miles, but my treadmill will be used... not for 15 miles at once. That would take forever. There is only so much my imagination can do while staring at a white wall. LOL.
Hope everyone has a good Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sorry I havent posted anything this past week. Ok, so lets get into last weeks training. I was in a conference all week, but my first run was awesome. The weather was perfectly cool and I kept 8 min/mi pace for 45 minutes. Thursday, the humidity hit and I just used that as a short run. Then my distance run, Saturday, was a great 12 mile run. I was suppose to do 13 but I was in some pain when it came to that last mile.
This week I felt great so far, Monday was a good interval day and today was a great 40 min run 4.75 mi. Tomorrow should be an easy 45 min run and then Saturday will definately be a good 5 mile run.

I received my Vivo Barefoot Ultra yesterday and ran in them today. They were awesome, I will post some pictures of them tonight or tomorrow. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Last training week went well, I started slow because of the 11 mile run. However, it ended on a good note I PR'd my 5k. The time was 22:34.... unfortunately when I stopped I forgot to turn off my watch. lol. This week will be fun cause Saturday I do a 1/2 marathon distance. :) I cant wait I think it will be a blast.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sorry about not posting lately, it has been a busy week and will continue through next week too. However, last weeks distance run was an 11 mile run. It went well. I never though I could run that far, but I did really good. Next time I am going to put some vasiline on my legs or something... my shorts chaffed them a little.

This week instead of doing a 4 mi run, I am going to do a 5k. It should be fun and it is hosted by old High School. I also got some new shoes. The Vivo Barefoot Ultra has been added to my collection. I have to wait until my birthday to get them but I can not wait to run that next day in them.

I hope everyone's training or runs are going well!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Last weeks training went well. This weeks Monday run went fine... but we had to run around in circles. Tomorrow and Thursday are gonna be good runs. Saturday is going to be an 11 mile run.. I hope it goes well. Last time I didnt get to do my distance run because of rain.

I hope everyone's training is going good.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It has been raining so much lately, in fact, it stopped me from doing my run on Saturday. Oh well I will just run a little extra each run this week. Next week distance is an 11 mile run, I am looking forward to running that distance.

I picked up some shirts from JC Penny's yesterday and they feel just like any of the other running shirts. They were 10$. Thursday will be my first run using them.