Sunday, June 19, 2011


Lets talk gear. We all know that gear is the second most important next to training. I mean if you cannot be comfortable when running then... what's the point. I love that everyone wants to charge you anywhere from 20-50$ for a wicking t-shirt. That is outrageous because of 2 reasons... 1. We were made to sweat. It is a natural cooling effect. If you take that out of the equation then we just over heat. Well, I know I feel like I do. 2. Everyone makes one but nobody can tell the difference whether it is working or not. That is why I am fine with just running in a plain old cotton tee. It breaths fine, and when it gets sweaty it helps cool me off. However, I will swear by a company in Switzerland, X-bionic, they have came close to perfecting using sweat to help cool and re-energize sports activity. They are pricey, but the science behind their product is interesting. I caught one of their shirts on a clearance sale and I could not be happier. The shirt felt like it took my sweat and distributed around my core so I did not overheat and over-cool. Running in the heat from the south, that is an important fact.
Shorts, socks, arm/calf sleeves, and other things are up to the person. I like to be as minimal as possible. Shirt, shorts, shoes, zune w/ armband, and GPS watch. When you say it out loud it sounds so much too... wait all this for a run. What happened to just shorts, shoes, and the optional shirt? :P  Oh well, I guess whatever make you comfortable when you run right?

On an other note, Happy Fathers Day!

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